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December 7, 2011
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Luna looked out at the dark lands of Equestria. She leaned against the stone railing that surrounded the balcony of her room, in the second highest tower of Canterlot Castle, the first belonging to her sister. She soon found her eyes landing on the small town of Ponyville, watching as lights went out, one after another, as the inhabitants retired to bed. She let out a long sigh, her eyes dropping to stare at her hands, which were folded and resting on the carefully carved balcony border. Yes, she knew not many people stayed up to enjoy her beautiful nights, but it pained her to see the loneliness that turned her into the dreaded Nightmare Moon, stare at her in the face again.

"Problem, sister?" Luna nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt a hand suddenly land on her shoulder, though she turned her head to find Celestia's smiling face beside her. "You looked like something was troubling you… is something wrong?"

Luna shook her head. "Oh, no, of course not. Everything is fine… I was just… thinking." She said, turning back towards the shadowy night.

"Luna…" She could tell by Celestia's tone that she wasn't being fooled.

"Tia… I'm okay. Really. You don't have to worry about me all the time."

"Oh but I do. Remember the last time a certain goddess of night held in all her feelings and troubles?"

Luna sighed, there was no sense in trying to hide something from her sister. "Its just… I feel like everything is going back to the way it was right before I… well… you know…" She hung her head, not quite wanting to bring back the memories of her dark past. "I know you try your best to spend time with me, but…"

"I know Luna… my schedule of being 'Ruler of all Equestria' doesn't leave much spare time… does it?" She smiled kindly. "Perhaps you could find someone else to spend time with."

"But Tia… You know how bad I am at making friends…" Luna said, crossing her arms and pouting slightly. Her eyes found the small little yellow light at the top of the Library in Ponyville, watching as it became the only light still on in the entire town.

"Hmm… I think we both know someone who had the same problem not too long ago." Celestia said with a nod towards the little town as Luna turned to her. "Perhaps we should ask her for some help. I'm sure you wouldn't mind learning from young little Twilight Sparkle." She said with a knowing grin.

Luna blushed. "But, Twilight and I haven't even met properly…"

"Well, if you hadn't locked yourself away in the Observatory during the Grand Galloping Gala, you might have done so."

She was right. Luna had worked up the nerve just before the event to talk to Twilight Sparkle for the first time since the Nightmare Moon incident. She feared that Twilight might have held a grudge, or even be frightened of the one that harbored the evil entity, but she put that aside and stood by her sister as guests started entering the throne room before spreading out through the castle during the ball. But as she saw Twilight enter with her close group of friends, Luna caught cold feet at the last second and quickly retreated up to the Castle Observatory that was placed at the top of the tower that her room was. She stayed there until all the guests left, and quickly went to her room afterwards to cry herself to sleep for missing the chance she planned so hard on.

"Hmm… your own mission to Ponyville to learn about the Magic of Friendship? Not a bad idea." Celestia said out loud to herself, crossing her arms and placing one hand against her chin in thought.

"But Tia… where would I stay? There are no hotels in Ponyville, and flying there from the castle every day is clearly out of the question." Luna questioned, turning towards her sister and leaning against the stone battlements.

"You could stay with Twilight." Celestia stated with her sly grin growing a bit larger.

"Y-You mean… I-I would live… with Twilight?" Luna asked. If her blush wasn't obvious enough before, it certainly was now. "B-But we barely know each other!"

"Well if knowing each other is the problem, I'm sure a certain letter would clear things up for her." Celestia said as she pulled a violet colored envelope from behind her back, 'Twilight Sparkle' sprawled across the front of it in Luna's unmistakable elaborate cursive handwriting.

Luna nearly fell off the balcony when she jumped in surprise, her cheeks turning a bright crimson as she recognized it. She wrote the letter on a whim, not truly planning to send it, but only using it as an outlet for all the secret feelings she deeply wanted to express for the person it was addressed to, but was too deathly shy to do so.

"W-Where did you get that?!" She tried to snatch the letter away, but Celestia merely held it out of reach, being the older and taller sister.

"Nah-Ah-Ah!" Celestia teased, shaking her head. "Either you go to Twilight, or this does." She waved the letter tauntingly.

"Ugh, Tia! You can be so aggravatingly unbearable sometimes!" Luna pouted, leaving the balcony and entering her lavishly furnished room. She walked over to the bed, waving her hand through the air. A dark blue aura soon surrounded her outstretched hand, her closet door opening and clothes levitating outward. A suitcase appeared on her bed, the clothes being neatly stacked and packed away without her even needing to touch them. Once everything was packed, including her beloved abacus, she grabbed up the luggage and headed back out to the balcony.

"You promise if I go to Ponyville and do as you said, that you won't send the letter to Twilight?"

Celestia nodded. "Of course, Lulu." Luna scowled at the nickname. "But there is a catch. I want you to report your lessons on the Magic of Friendship when you learn them, just like Twilight. And I'm sure you know the basis on how to do so, since I'm sure you have read over each and every one of them at least twice." Celestia gave her that all-knowing smile that pestered Luna to no end.

Luna sighed, and turned towards the balcony again. She looked out at Ponyville again. The light in the Library was still on, Twilight on one of her all-night study sessions again, no doubt. She leaped up, luggage still in hand, straight off the side of the tower. An azure colored pair of feathery wings sprouted from her back, seemingly from nowhere, as she turned towards Ponyville and began her flight.

Celestia turned away with a grin, talking under her breath as her sister flew off into the distance. "I said I wouldn't send it to Twilight… I never said anything about not sending it to Spike…" She looked back. "But… I suppose I'll give her a bit of time first… Oh well… at least I can have some alone time now. Oh Discord!" She called, the Draconequus appearing in a flash.

"About time you got her to leave, Celestia… shes been wandering around the castle so much recently I had to hide in your room all day." The young man with a mix of all sorts of animal limbs replacing what would be human ones complained, floating backwards in thin air as if on some invisible couch.

"Much better than being made of stone, I presume."

"Oh of course, but it's so boring in there when you're not around to keep me company." He said, tracing his claw across her cheek lightly, grinning.

"Well, we don't have anyone to disturb us now." She said with a grin, taking his claw in her hand and teleporting them both off to her tower.
Luna begins to feel the effects of loneliness again, so Celestia sends her on her on a mission to her faithfull student, Twilight Sparkle, for help understanding the Magic of Friendship. Will Luna find Friendship to fill the void... or something more?

Yeah, my first actual fic. And of course, its a TwiLuna fic. I really have no idea what I'm doing, and it took me a good 15 minutes to figure out how to even upload this thing. The grammar probably isn't perfect, as the only editors I have are Me, Myself, and Microsoft Word 2007. All of which, are not perfect.

Ive gotten through my one-day of writers block and decided to guarentee a series with a strategically placed numeric letter in the title.

Oh, and Implied CelestiaCord is Implied.

Next chapter: [link]
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